About Me

Hi there! I'm an electrical engineering graduate from the National University of Singapore (NUS). I currently spend the bulk of my time crunching data in Keysight Technologies Singapore. I'm also working with Alva Energi to bring photovoltaic-based energy to rural areas in Indonesia. This website documents some of the projects that I've worked on, feel free to check them out!


  • Low Altitude Balloon Satellite

    A satellite prototype system launched with helium balloon.

  • Nanosat Attitude Determination

    A barebone nanosatellite ADCS system.

  • Nanosat Pendulum Thrust Stand

    A device to measure satellite's thrust in the uN scale. Read more...

  • Heart Rate Monitor

    DIY analog heart rate monitor.

  • Hand-Raising Detection in Image

    Enabling Nao Robot to detect hand-raising gestures by students in classroom. Read more...

  • Kaggle's Shelter Animal Dataset

    Predicting outcomes of sheltered animals in Austin, TX.

  • MNIST Digit Recognition

    Machine Learning project in NUS Graduate Course EE5907R.

  • Automatic Speech Recognition

    Lexical Tones Modeling for Under-resourced Languages with Mismatched Transcription and Multitask Learning

  • Off-grid PV Monitoring

    Recovering and Monitoring off-grid photovoltaic system in Pulau Geranting, Indonesia. Read more...

  • Buccanneer's Test

    Automated firmware testing software for Pirate3D's manufacturing line

  • and other ongoing projects...


Apart from my study, I have also worked with several organizations (a.k.a CCA) during my time in NUS. These were indeed memorable experiences! *Click icons for more information