Low Altitude Balloon Satellite

Edward Elson | Edwin Ferbianto | Soon Renhao | Zhang Huichen

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This was our first ever satellite-related project. It was meant to be a model of a satellite launched to a low altitude with Helium balloon. Everything was built from scratch. The Model satellite consists of a camera payload (whose orientation is controllable from Ground Station using a joystick), Inertial Measurement Unit, Temperature Sensor, Pressure Sensor and SD Card.

Cube 1

Cube 2

Our Team with the model satellite and ground station

Cube 3

The model satellite and ground station was powered by an Arduino MEGA based driver board. The following poster sums up our design:

EG1310 Poster

The satellite launch was done in E1A Area, Faculty of Engineering, National University of Singapore.

Launch 1

Launch 2

This project is part of EG1310 Exploratory Satellite Design (Satellite System Design Track) module at the National University of Singapore.

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